Maldron Hotel

22% Saved based on current costs. 3 month return on investement.

Servier: 17% Savings

“We continue to see impressive savings on the Restaurant boiler since May 2015 setup…”

Dublin City Council: 21-35% Savings

Huge improvement in thermal efficiency.

Cork University Hospital: 10.1% Savings

“this was a simple retro-fit project that delivered significant energy savings to IPMVP standards without any negative impact on the hospital…”

Eric Crowe, HSE

3Arena: 22% Savings

“We have been very impressed with the performance of the M2G units. They have lived up to all expectations and because they are so easy to fit, there was no interruption in service…”

Paul Eggleton, Energy Manager

Carton House: 23% Savings

‘This was a straightforward retrofit project which was fully sponsored … delivering savings of 23% on our gas bill with seamless project management from GEM’

Donal Murphy, Carton House Energy Manager

Naas General Hospital: 23% Savings

Annualized savings of 1,281,734 kW (1.28MW) based on 2015 baseline were calculated translating to Co2 savings of 262,756 Kg/Co2.

Introducing M2G

M2G Advanced Boiler Load Control System is specifically designed to eliminate boiler nusiance activity …

  1. dry cycling
  2. short cycling
  3. boiler response to hydraulic short circuiting

These predictible nuisance activities occur at very low load conditions and are very wasteful of energy leading to increased fossil fuel bills, associated Co2 emissions and un-necessary wear & tear and maintenance on expensive boiler plant.

M2G can be applied on all boiler types e.g. forced draught, atmospheric, single and 2-stage including condensing and modulating boilers, and oil fired boilers but not steam.

In and Out

M2G has two digital temperature probes which are attached externally to the each boiler Return (IN) and Flow (OUT) pipe-work manifold.


The M2G logic monitors temperatures every second and creates a ‘movie’ of circulating boiler water temperatures.

Eliminate Nuisance Boiler Activity

The M2G temperature logic is used to eliminate nuisance boiler activity where boilers respond to their own fixed and predictable heat loss when there is no heating demand.


Savings are achieved by measuring the temperature gradient over time of ‘boiler in’ and ‘boiler out’ water. This additional information enables M2G to eliminate boiler nuisance activity. Savings greater than 10% can be expected in addition to BMS. Savings range from 10% – 25% depending on controls and system set up.

What is dry cycling?

The boiler fires to reach its set point, meeting the building’s heating demands (load). Once the set point has been reached the boiler stops firing.

However, standing heat losses continue and the boiler cools down without transferring this heat to the system load. The boiler will then fire unnecessarily to recover these losses even though the building requires no heat.

Additional Heat Loss

The heat loss is exacerbated when the boiler enters a pre-purge before the next firing to remove any residue of combustible gases.

This is effectively blowing cool air across the combustion space therefore cooling the boiler down before it begins to re-fire.

Continuous Dry Cycling

Dry cycling occurs throughout the year, even if the boilers are just providing hot water generation during the summer months.

Boilers will fire unnecessary to recover standing losses resulting in wasted fuel consumption, costs and CO2 emissions.

M2G Savings

Dry cycling can be removed by fitting M2G advanced boiler load control to each boiler. M2G indentifies and removes dry cycling, reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Savings Made by Companies who have adopted M2G

  • DELL 35% 35%
  • Milford Hospice 20% 20%
  • Clarion Hotels 34% 34%
  • Ulster Bank 25% 25%
  • Tipperary Energy Agency 20% 20%
  • Superquinn 13% 13%
  • Inst Mechanical Eng 17% 17%
  • O2 27% 27%
  • UL Arena 19% 19%
  • Kerry County Council 16% 16%
  • Hermitage Clinic 12% 12%
  • Dublin City Council 22% 22%
  • 3 Arena 22% 22%
  • Our Lady’s Hospice 13% 13%
  • Cork University Hospital 10.1% 10.1%
As part of our ongoing cost base analysis, house keeping and energy tracking we can confirm a 20% reduction in our Hotel LPG bill
Conor O Toole

General Manager, Blarney Golf Resort

M2G has contributed to a 20% saving in oil costs which have freed up finances to be used in other areas of the complex’
Eoin O Mahony

Manager, Mallow Leisure Centre

We installed M2G at the Royal Marine Hotel a few years ago and were more than satisfied with how it worked and the savings achieved
Shane Clancy

Financial Controller RMH, Royal Marine Hotel

Just a quick note to give you a progress report on our gas usage since the installation of M2G …… Our usage for the 3 months Feb, Mar, Apr compared to the same 3 months the year previous has been 5025 units less, which represents almost a 20% reduction in that quarter.
Joe Ryan

Facilities Manager, Milford Hospice Limerick

The installation of the M2G units has reduced our energy consumption by 15% in the smaller sites and nearly 20% in the larger site. This is making a large impact on the Colleges utilities bill
Eamon Commerford

Senior Facilities Manager, RCSI


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5 Year Guarantee

Once M2G is installed, there are no maintenance costs. Only savings.
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