Boiler nuisance activity is an industry wide problem and is often overlooked as an Energy Conservation Measure (ECM)

Boiler Nuisance cycling is a pervasive problem and can be identified even in new ‘modulating’ and condensing boiler units.  

So what are some of the indicators of Boiler Nuisance Activity which would require Advance Boiler Control (ABC) and Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM)?   

Here are just a few

  1. Boilers continuously cycling at low load
  2. Boilers predictably cycling with identical run/rest cycle time frames
  3. Overheating in the Boiler House
  4. Failure of burner ignition components on a regular basis
  5. Constant lag boiler activity when lead boiler is engaged

Boilers are the heat centres of our buildings and increased boiler load monitoring and control can assist in delivering optimum efficiencies and savings

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