NHS Lanarkshire installed 38 M2G boiler optimisation controls across a range of properties in 2017 resulting in significant cost savings estimated at over £300,000 and emission reductions of over 5000 tCO2e per annum.

The Climate Change (Duties of Public Bodies: Reporting Requirements) (Scotland) Order 2015 requires all public bodies classified as major players to publish annual climate change reports.

For the reporting year 2016/17 there were 180 public bodies classified as major players. This includes the 150 public bodies involved in 2015/16 plus 30 Integration Joint Boards (IJBs) that reported for the first time.

The climate change reports provide information on the action being taken by Scotland’s public bodies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to a changing climate and promote sustainable development. Reports include information on:

  • Profile of the public body
  • Governance, management and strategy
  • Corporate emissions
  • Adaptation
  • Procurement
  • Validation

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